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Investors Give Money.
Employees Give Time.
Partners Give Both.

Operating Partner

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are accustomed to rolling up our sleeves and operating alongside founding teams cost-effectively. Our team of dedicated operators helps management teams grow faster while wearing fewer hats. If we are successful, it is only because our partners successfully reached their goals. 

Growth Partner

As investors, we believe growth is the result of scalable business infrastructure. That's what we invest in. Traction in the marketplace matters, especially with transactions on the horizon. Aided by an equity infusion, Our business development team is committed to building new pipelines, growth channels, brand awareness, and sales teams.

Capital Partner

Rather than rolling the dice with your business' legacy, let's explore our options together. We are always looking forward to investing capital into businesses we love, trust and have already worked to help build. Whether it's with us or another entity, our commitment is to see you reach the finish line. 

Why SOMA ?

We partner with excellent people to build excellent companies, together.
Don't beat the odds,  change them.

Soma Partners is a collective of entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and business operators who have come together to advance entrepreneurship. Our mission is to invest in companies and founders committed to excellence and integrity. We are passionate about empowering small and early businesses to succeed. For many companies, a bit of planning and growth is needed before an exit is possible. For others, sophisticated technology systems are needed for a buyer to feel comfortable. And still others will need to see dependable financials and a compelling financial strategy. Our team of experienced owners and operators is committed to helping businesses bridge the gap, from scale through sale. 










How We Help


In our partnership's initial stage, we leverage our expertise as your Operating Partner to turbocharge your business. Our approach prioritizes fractional resources, conserving cash and fostering growth across areas like CFO, M&A, Bookkeeping, CRO, and Marketing. With many companies not yet ready for investment, our team focuses on proven, scalable strategies to propel you forward. We optimize operations, introduce innovative processes, and ensure your business not only meets but exceeds its objectives. Whether you're targeting funding, growth, acquisition support, or a strategic exit, our operational excellence sets the stage for your success, making us a vital ally in your growth journey.


As your Growth Partner, we move to the next phase by investing in your business' potential. Recognizing the solid foundation we've built together, we provide the capital necessary to scale your operations and maximize efficiency. This investment signifies our confidence in your business, particularly targeting cash-flow positive companies with a track record of generating $500K+ in annual revenue and maintaining 20% profit margins. Our investment is a testament to our belief in your continued growth and our commitment to being an integral part of your success story. 


The final stage solidifies our role as your Capital Partner, focusing on achieving the ultimate goal: a successful exit from your business. Whether the exit is through us or another entity, our priority is to support you in realizing the rewards of your hard work and dedication. This stage is about acknowledging the journey you've embarked upon and executing on a transaction-readiness strategy that maximizes the business' market value. Our commitment is walk alongside you, as we find the right financial and cultural exit partner, ensuring a seamless transition and the fulfillment of your entrepreneurial dream.

It’s all about
the team 

Collin Teaster

Finance & Operations

Prior to joining the firm, Collin Teaster served as the Chief Financial Officer for one of the fastest growing healthcare providers in the nation, overseeing Financial Strategy, M&A, and Operations. Before his time as an operator, Collin Teaster spent time in the investment banking  community, where he developed expertise overseeing  technology and healthcare-related M&A transactions. With a visionary approach, he leverages expertise to consistently drive success. 

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Drew Estes

Growth & Marketing

Drew Estes, a trailblazer from New York, co-founded a marketing agency partnering with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Diving into blockchain, he spearheaded a game-changing startup, transforming data consolidation. Leading business development, Drew crafts a vision melding technology, data, and marketing, reshaping industries. The journey persists, with Drew steering the course, crafting narratives that redefine tech innovation.

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Robert Thongsavanh

Managing Partner

An entrepreneur with a decade of diverse business experience, Robert Thongsavanh has made significant contributions to the healthcare sector. His visionary leadership has led to the establishment of a conglomerate offering innovative solutions. Beyond business, Robert is passionately involved in ministry and social causes, actively supporting church planting, global missions, and leadership development initiatives.

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