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Soma Partners is a Dallas-based Healthcare holding company. Our firm focuses on the smaller end of the market which is traditionally underserved by other organizations. We assess businesses on recurring revenue with strong growth potential. Soma Partners focuses it's opportunities primarily in the United States, but we will consider international opportunities, due to a few of our existing international investments.




When evaluating whether or not to acquire a company, SOMA looks for 1 of 2 things; either the likelihood of the improvement of a struggling company or the immediate cost to saving a struggling company​.



SOMA values the larger vision, looking for accelerated routes to new markets and ventures. With a strong desire to acquire companies that will lead into other lines of business, providing an opportunity to cast a larger vision.

Above all, SOMA values and prioritizes the cultural fit of a business. We evaluate the character, culture, competency, commitment, and calling of the company and its staff.




Integrity Before Profitability  |  Family First  |  Compassionate Care  |  Joyful Service  |  Excel Still More



Robert Thongsavanh

Robert Thongsavanh

CEO & Managing Partner

Robert began his healthcare career in 2013 as a physician recruiter in Dallas, Texas. Later, he ventured into hospice marketing and moved up to senior level management with multiple successful healthcare companies including two prior hospice company turnarounds. Robert is a visionary and strategist who intuitively sees the unique opportunities layered throughout the healthcare continuum. He has utilized his knowledge, education, and experience to bring success to every company he's been a part of.

Johny Chacko

Johny Chacko

Managing Partner

Johny began his healthcare career in 2007 as a Hospice Social Worker in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Later, he ventured into healthcare sales and marketing where he built a strong network in post-acute care programs. Johny started several companies within the last decade, focusing on hospice, home-health, and healthcare transportation. He has a passion to revive and build healthcare programs.

Kirk Bargenquest

Kirk Bargenquest

Chief Financial Officer

Kirk began his career in health care consulting, helping hospitals and physicians analyze utilization and financials to set reimbursement structures. In addition, he has over twelve years of experience in financial analysis and planning, strategic guidance, and business development in wealth management and non-profit work. Kirk is a steward and fiduciary who excels at furthering culture and balancing big dreams with the necessary numbers, analytics, and controls.



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